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Welcome to Lisa McGuinness Kinesiology, nestled in the heart of Mount Hawthorn, Perth, I am here to support your journey to health & wellness. 

My background prior to kinesiology was in alternative education. I worked with "at risk" young people, and also supported Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in education, working remotely in outback WA. I have also worked in homelessness within community services. Prior to this, in 2012 I had studied strategic intervention from the work of Tony Robbins, at 21, this opened me up to another way of thinking and in general sparked an interest in holistic health. 


It was during a stint in Geraldton in 2015 that I tried kinesiology for the first time to assist an ongoing allergic reaction I had been having for a while. For 4 years I had been plagued with random hives and swelling lips, unable to pinpoint what was triggering it. I was quite desperate and hearing about Kinesiology, I was willing to give it a go! After approximately 6-8 sessions which included targeting adrenal stress and supporting the immune system, my reactions had reduced to almost none, and the only time I have had an attack since was during a bout of covid, which is pretty good mileage! Although I had no clue how it worked, it worked! and even though it was very strange, it really resonated with me! Fascinated, and with a yearning to know more about how this modality worked, I began studying kinesiology. This has been one of the most pivotal choices in my life and whilst studying I never even thought about the end goal of being a kinesiologist, I simply loved learning about the body in a way that incorporated not only the Western physiological aspects of our being but also the energetic aspect derived mostly from ancient Eastern Philosophy. Upon completing my studies, I began seeing clients and can honestly say I never expected to see the results that have unfolded, it's truly humbling to witness the magic within people especially when the magic has felt buried for some time. 


My previous background combined with my years in Kinesiology has led to such a passion for supporting people of all ages with all ailments and issues. From anxiety and burnout to physical pain, facilitating the alleviation of stress so the body can repair and heal itself is at the core of what we do as kinesiologists. This has led me to investigate the body even further in a more physical sense. I discovered a new found love for moving the body through play and using it as a vessel of self inquiry and curiosity. What can this vessel do when it is fully supported? I became quite focused on a new desire to support people with performance enhancement, recovery from training, and optimisation so they can move freely in their body and achieve their dreams! 


Given my passion (or obsession!) for continual learning, I am always upskilling and learning more from inspirational practitioners who are experts in their fields across the mental, emotional and physical. The work of Dr Gabor Mate "When the Body Says No - The Hidden Cost of Stress" highlights that scientific research is catching up with ancient Eastern philosophy and reaffirms daily that the glorification of the "busy" western lifestyle comes at a cost. One of the sayings I grew up with was "your health is your wealth" which still rings true, I have now broadened my definition of health since then! So on that note, I invite you to join me on this journey, and come in for a chat so we can discuss your health and wellness challenges, or optimisation goals!

My Mission

I believe that as humans, our natural state is one of peace and to feel at ease as we move in our bodies. This is not to say that we don’t feel all the other emotions, this is healthy and important! But so is returning to our baseline state, which I believe is peace. When we are out of alignment that feels impossible - I know because I’ve been there and have scoffed at this kind of babble before - your body knows how to feel that peace & joy, we just need to listen. It is my mission to support as many people as possible to remember that innate peace and joy that resides within. To remember their brilliance so their body can heal itself.





2022 Diploma of Comprehensive Kinesiology

2022 Level 2 Acupressure with John Kirkwood

2022 Intro to Reflexology

2020 Neuro Emotional Pathways (NEPS 1) with Margaret Davies

2019 Lifeline Training CHCDFV001 

2018 Advanced Diploma of Functional Kinesiology

2017 Sports Masterclass with Dr Charles Krebs

2017 Accessing the Human Blueprint with Dr Charles Krebs

2017 Basic Massage Treatment with Barry Harwood

2015 TAE40110 Cert IV in Training & Assessment

2015 Reiki 1

2012 B.SC Honours Degree in Education & Training Dublin City University

2012 Teaching English as a Foreign Language

(Senior first aid and WWCC always current)



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