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I discovered kinesiology in 2015, I had allergies where my lips would swell (the photos are hilarious) which started in 2011 and was told to carry an epi-pen in case my throat was affected by the swelling. This happened on and off between 2011 and 2015 until I had a series of kinesiology of about 8 sessions addressing adrenal stress and my immune system. Since then, my lips have not swollen at all and I continue to use kinesiology to address a range of issues. Some of the things kinesiology has helped me with chronic depression, physical pain and goal setting. 


Okay kinesiology is amazing but what is it and how does it work?

Kinesiology is based on the premise that, when supported, the body heals itself. The practitioner acts as a detective throughout your session to find imbalances in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies and then provides a technique or correction such as sound healing, acupoint stimulation, sending energy etc, at which point your body begins to heal itself. 

Kinesiology uses muscle monitoring to obtain biofeedback from your body. The modality is one of the most grounded and empowering modalities I have experienced, using both a blend of ancient eastern healing arts and western physiology to bring balance to your body. I believe the body has all the answers and is an absolute miracle! Kinesiology is a non invasive, complementary and holistic modality that you can use alongside any other modality and or medical treatment.







Kind words


Just like going for one run doesn’t prepare you for a marathon, you may get the most benefit from a series of sessions. Whilst most clients feel or notice a shift after one session, for lasting results or for an issue that has persisted over time, a series of sessions are recommended which is why we offer package options.


Some of the things kinesiology can support with:

- Stress

- Anxiety

- Physical pain

- Immune support

- Pain management, recovery and optimisation for sport 

- Hormonal issues

- Also suitable for babies and animals


A collaborative approach 

Lisa McGuinness Kinesiology is a huge advocate of a collaborative approach to any issue. It makes sense to support yourself in as many ways as possible - I love ALL the modalities! It’s important to note that kinesiology does not claim to diagnose, treat or cure disease or illness. Kinesiologists work to balance energy.

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